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saratov gerb 100.jpegSaratov is a city and the administrative center of Saratov Oblast, Russia, and a major port on the Volga River. Population: 837,900 (2010 Census); 873,055 (2002 Census); 904,643 (1989 Census).


saratov prom 150Saratov Oblast is highly industrialized, due in part to the rich in natural and industrial resources of the area. The oblast is also one of the more important and largest cultural and scientific centers in Russia. Saratov possesses six institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, twenty-one research institutes, nineteen project institutes, as well as the Saratov State University, the Saratov State Socio-Economic University, the Saratov State Technical University, and many scientific and technological laboratories attached to some of the city's large industrial enterprises.


Saratov is served by the Saratov Tsentralny Airport, and also hosts the general aviation airfield Saratov West. The aerospace manufacturing industry is served by the Saratov South airport. Nearby Engels Air Force Base is the main base for Russian strategic Tu-95 and Tu-160 bombers.


saratov muzey 200One of the city's most prominent landmarks is the 19th century neo-Gothic Conservatory. When it was built in 1912, the Conservatory was Russia's third such institution (after Moscow and St. Petersburg). At the time, Saratov, with a population of 240,000, was the third-largest city in Russia.

The Saratov Drama Theater was founded in 1802, making it one of Russia's oldest. It is ranked as one of Russia's National Theaters. In Soviet times, the theater was renamed in honor of Karl Marx, but now carries the name of Ivan Slonov (1882–1945), an actor, theatrical director and educator, born in the city. The full name in Russian is The I. A. Slonov Saratov State Academic Theater.

saratov kons 200Saratov is noted for several art museums, including the Radischev Art Museum, named for Alexander Radishchev. It contains more than 20,000 exhibits, including ancient Russian icons, as well as works by some of the finest Russian painters (e.g. Aleksandra Ekster, Pavel Kuznetsov, Aristarkh Lentulov, Robert Falk, Pyotr Konchalovsky, Martiros Saryan, Fyodor Rokotov).


Among the other places of interest of Saratov are:saratov cerk 150

  • Saratov State conservatoire named after Sobinov;
  • Chernyshevsky statue;
  • Lipki Park;
  • Trinity church on Museum square;
  • Automobile bridge across the Volga connecting Saratov and Engels;
  • Spacemen embankment;
  • The place located about 16 km away from Engels city where the first spaceman Yuru Gagarin landed;
  • Uvek - remnants of an ancient city, a large center of the Golden Horde - to the south of the city;
  • Saratov circus.
saratov sobor 200


  • Saratov State University;
  • Saratov State Medical University;
  • Saratov State Technical University;
  • Saratov State Socio-Economic University.